We Just Added Some Serious Tech Muscle to Our Board

Our new board member Brian Gill is a heavy-hitting technology executive with big ideas for Vacasa and 18 years of experience to back them up. His career trajectory is a rocketship of remarkable accomplishments. He’s led world-class engineering teams as SVP of Technology at Nordstrom (he’s still there), CTO and Chief Scientist at Hotwire, and VP of Technology at Expedia to name a few.

We recruit strategic advisors and board members like Brian to inform everything from technology to operations—all in the name of helping Vacasa become the most trusted vacation rental company in the world. Brian’s approach is to advise softly and carry a big playbook.

Here’s what else you need to know about him:

Traveler’s Wisdom
Brian exudes it. In college, he studied abroad. When backpacking Europe, he slept in train yards to save money. At Expedia, he built teams around the world. He and his family explore everywhere from remote beaches in India to back-roads in Mexico and the Puget Sound. Brian believes travel enables a more profound human experience—and that lessons from the road apply directly to business. He says the willingness to expose your vulnerabilities and push beyond your comfort zone opens the door to next-level innovation. We want to go to there.

Brian recognizes it. When he looks at accommodation industry distribution charts, he sees clusters of hotels in single areas being swallowed up by more widely spread (and quickly growing) clusters of vacation rentals. The data tells him more people than ever are offering up their second homes to short-term accommodation seekers and that we’re entering a world of record demand for services that manage and market those homes. Brian is excited to help Vacasa become the first company to commoditize those services on a global scale. We appreciate having him by our side at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

80s Hair Bands
Brian covers them. He’s a basement-musician who admits to having “an embarrassingly deep repertoire” of glam and grunge rock. Years ago, Brian ran with a punk musician who liked to smash his electric guitars. Replacing them was expensive, so Brian learned to build his own. Equal parts art and science, an electric guitar is the physical manifestation of Brian’s philosophy about technology: The idea that bringing beautiful ideas to life requires tapping both the creative and logical sides of your brain at once. That’s music to our ears.

Bohemian Lagers
Brian sells them. He’s the co-founder of a new brewery in Seattle’s burgeoning craft beer district. As with Brian, beer exists at the intersection of art, science, and travel. He and his partner named their brewery Obec, which is a Czech word meaning community. We look forward to tapping Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit—and some of those beers.

The Tech Factor
Brian is humble about it. He says technology’s role will be to create a more seamless experience for guests, homeowners, and employees. What that means is, Vacasa 2.0 will deliver the next generation of groundbreaking technology and data science. The products we’re gearing up to unleash will level-up everything we do and enable experiences that have never existed in this or any other industry. We’re excited to go big on engineering with him.

Brian Gill is a travel-tech futurist who’s passionate about organizing engineering talent around their strengths. On our board, he’ll play a pivotal role in helping scale technology resources and product direction as we expand our reach in the U.S. and continue to turn the Vacasa dream into a global reality.

With large populations experiencing their first taste of middle-class stability, a wave of new international travelers is about to hit the market. Brian predicts they will have little interest in staying at hotels. Like us, he believes it’s the dawn of a new age for the vacation rental industry—and that Vacasa is uniquely positioned to help the world’s destination communities thrive. We’re excited to have him on board for the next stage of our journey.