2017 Mountain Markets Vacation Rental Report: Park City

Snow is falling and opportunity is knocking for vacation rental homeowners in mountain towns across the country. With the private accommodation sector growing twice as fast as the total U.S. travel industry, we wanted to explore what trends popular winter vacation destination markets are experiencing this year.

Welcome to Vacasa’s 2017 Mountain Markets Vacation Rental Report for the Park City area. Our analysts crunched numbers using comprehensive internal, partner, and industry data from nearly 20,000 homes in 11 markets to explore changes in everything from vacation rental inventory to pet friendliness and amenity identity.

There are so many incredible alpine destinations in this country. For this report, we chose to compare markets that offered regional representation and the most relevant vacation rental data: Lake Tahoe, Park City, Breckenridge, Bend, Stowe, Whitefish, Aspen, Big Sky, Telluride, Jackson, and Sun Valley.

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Park City Vacation Rental Inventory

Demand for short-term rentals is booming and with a 20% increase in vacation rental inventory, Park City vacation homeowners are increasingly opening their doors to guests. The Sun Valley and Lake Tahoe markets have seen an overall decrease in vacation rental inventory due to new regulations in towns like Ketchum and South Lake Tahoe. With the regulatory landscape continually in flux, savvy vacation homeowners in mountain states should seize the opportunity to establish their homes in the market today.

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Leading the Pack

Park City - Fastest Growing Vacation Rental Inventory

Market Overview

Park City - Growth of Vacation Rental Inventory



Park City Guests

When marketing a vacation rental home, knowing market search trends and where travelers are coming from informs strategy and can help drive more bookings. Travelers to the Park City area are nearly three times as likely to search for “vacation rentals” over “cabins.” (Whereas we found the opposite trend to be true for the Lake Tahoe market). Vacation rental homeowners should optimize their listing copy for SEO to increase the chances their homes will be discovered by guests.  

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Travelers to Park City Search Rentals > Cabins

Park City - Most Popular Google Searches

Park City Guests Travel From Overseas as From the Pacific Northwest

Park City - Where Park City Guests Call Home



Park City Amenities

The right amenities can help a vacation rental stand out from the crowd and command premium pricing. Park City is a hot tub town. Vacation homeowners here have an opportunity to differentiate by investing in an outdoor grill.

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The Top 4 Most Common Amenities 

Park City - Where to Find the Four Most Common Mountain Town Vacation Rental Amenities



Park City Guest Reviews

Today’s guests are savvy, well connected and always online. What they say about your vacation home in their reviews is more important than what you say in your marketing materials. Positive reviews drive bookings by helping to establish trust and credibility with future guests. Vacation homeowners in Park City can help their communities benefit from review culture by recommending their favorite local businesses on Yelp and Google.

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Reviews Are Good For Business

Park City - The Power of Reviews

Local Darlings

Top 3 Most Popular Park City Market Vacasa Homes By Guest Review




Family Trends in Park City

In some markets, spring break is party season. In the Park City market, spring break is all about families. Vacation rental operators in Park City see more guests with children during peak season and around school holidays, with fewer families visiting during the off-seasons. Vacation rental owners in mountain towns can win kudos from vacationing families for stocking their homes with family-friendly games or outdoor sports equipment.

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Peak Season and Spring Break Are Family Time

Park City - Percent of Reservations With Kids

Family Favorites

Top 3 Most Popular Park City Market Vacasa Homes for Bringing Kids




Pet Trends in Park City

Fun fact: Over 50% of American households include a dog and more than half of these families will only stay in dog-friendly lodging. Overall, vacation rental inventory in mountain markets is trending pawsitive. With less than 5% of its total inventory listed as pet-friendly, Park City is the least pet friendly mountain market in our report. Park City homeowners who welcome furry friends have an opportunity to stand out and make a lot of tails wag.

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The Pet-Friendliest

Park City - Most Pet-Friendly Mountain Markets


Park City - Pet-Friendly Inventory



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