A Farewell Letter From Co-Founder Cliff Johnson to the Vacasa Community

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Cliff Johnson, Co-Founder

To all of my Vacasa family,

It is with a heavy heart that I have made the difficult decision to leave Vacasa and our amazing team at the end of this month. My family and I will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia where I will be leading the sales organization for Rented, a company that connects homeowners to property management companies.

When we started this journey over eight years ago, I was extremely excited about the possibility to create a different kind of business, one that had a purpose beyond financial returns and had the ability to create meaningful value in society. We’ve been able to do that together ($15 minimum wage and the Home for the Holidays campaign, for example) and that is, and should forever be, the heart of Vacasa.

Vacasa has always been an amazing collection of hard-working, good-hearted people. We’ve come a long way since the very beginning, when we had few resources to work with. The hard work and sacrifice in those early days helped create the foundation for the company we are today—now employing more than 1,800 wonderful people around the world.

Looking back, there are so many people to thank. Kathy Williams was our first Vacasa housekeeper and LOM before that position existed. Since then, we’ve grown the Vacasa family with so many more who share our mission, despite coming from a variety of backgrounds and regions. Rogene McIntyre, Chris Brown, Laurie Ouverson, Emma Poulsen, Kimberly White, Tiffany Hadaller, Ben Flaata, Jules Huber, Lea Lippincott, Sara Gates and too many others to list deserve an immense amount of credit for helping to build the foundation.

As I head in a new direction, I challenge Vacasa to use its position as an industry leader to elevate the positive impact that we have in the communities where we operate. And I challenge you to remember the wonderful memories you have the opportunity to create for owners, guests, and employees alike. Hopefully that motivates you every day, as it always got me excited about coming to work! Getting to know Bob Milne, our COO, over the past eight months has given me confidence and peace that our owners, guests, and field teams around the world are in great hands for the future.

As I take the next step, the best legacy I can leave is a lesson: Keep your relationships in a good place. Support one another and focus on having constructive dialogue. Encourage personal growth without making disagreements personal. Respect one another above all else.

The relationships that we build at Vacasa are what make it such a special place. Take care of those relationships and they will extend far beyond your time here. I fully intend to do that with each of you and I’ll always be available if you need me, wherever I may be.

I leave a happy man with a wonderful family and friends. I’m full of excitement for what’s next, but naturally this is also a bittersweet time. I’m sad to see the end of an important and meaningful time at Vacasa, filled with great friendships and fond memories. Vacasa has incredible opportunity ahead, and I am excited to see what you all will accomplish together.

All the Best,


Editor’s Note: You can read Vacasa COO Bob Milne’s letter to homeowners about Cliff’s departure here.


Cliff with his wife Kate, daughter Isla, and newborn son Elliot